Sherry Kent

Legacy Holder & Senior Teacher: I started studying tai chi with Patrick Watson in 1975 in Boston and New York City.  I still remember the moment that Patrick offered to train me as a tai chi teacher!  Over the years he guided me towards becoming an experienced instructor specialized in seeing what is needed next in a student’s or a teacher’s development.  I have taught at countless trainings both in the United States and Europe, teaching the public as well as training teachers.  After having taken time off to care for my husband before he died a few years ago, I am again actively teaching tai chi, Push Hands, and the Sword Form, in Amsterdam, as well as assimilating the depths of Roots & Branches.  Recently I also feel quite inspired to work one-on-one in individualized tai chi sessions when a student or teacher has a specific question, a problem or would like feedback.

Work:  Five-Element Acupuncture, since 1986.

Other interests include:  optimal nutrition; keeping up with developments in health care and ecology, staying flexible; singing and harmonizing and writing the occasional poem.

Spiritual Foundation:  Unitarian upbringing, Sufi teaching stories, meditation, Oscar Ichazo/Arica, mindfulness, Isaac Shapiro, satsang, silent retreats, Byron Katie, and Eckhart Tolle.

Personal vision:  Since realizing intimately how precious and short life is, I am passionate about everyone developing quality of life as well as the capacity to witness… and helping others, with love, compassion and laughter to look courageously and openly at how we are, what we do to ourselves, to others and to the world.  What I would like to learn more about now is how human beings can live sustainably, supporting and in unity with nature and mother earth.