“Whoever practices t’ai-chi ch’uan, correctly and regularly, twice a day over a period of time will gain the pliability of a child, the health of a lumberjack, and the peace of mind of a sage.”     Cheng Man-Ch’ing 
Tai Chi St. Augustine, Florida, teaches the Yang family short form developed by Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing. We are affiliated with The T’ai Chi Foundation. We offer a series of classes for beginners and can provide more comprehensive training for advanced students. The full form of T’ai Chi Chuan, which is popularly known in the West as T’ai Chi, can be learned in the Beginning Form courses (30 one-hour classes), divided into thirds that we refer to as B1, B2, and B3.  The instructor, John Doody, is an Apprentice instructor in the School of Tai Chi Chuan, the teaching function of The Tai Chi Foundation, and has been studying Tai Chi Chuan for over 20 years.
The T’ai Chi Foundation (TCF) is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting, funding and teaching programs relating to the embodiment of T’ai Chi. The School of T’ai Chi Chuan (STCC), as a subset of TCF, exists to continue the teaching of the Cheng Man-Ch’ing style of T’ai Chi Chuan (Yang style short form) as passed down through Patrick Watson.
Our School today is composed of over 200 instructors teaching T’ai Chi classes in 30 cities around the world. Each teacher follows the curriculum and team-teaching method developed by Patrick Watson. All teachers are apprentices of the school who have gone through the school’s public curriculum and entered into an apprenticeship, learning to teach the sequence of T’ai Chi coursework. We gather together regularly to learn from Patrick’s senior teachers, the Legacy Holders, practicing T’ai Chi Chuan form, push hands and sword.
As a T’ai Chi teaching school, our School prepares our apprentices through a sequence of intensive trainings. This continued study helps our apprentices maintain a consistency in the method: Students can study at any of our branches and receive the same careful attention to the principles and details of the art of Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Yang-style Short Form.

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