This class is focused on working within Tai Chi Principle. We will provide instruction and feedback with practice exercises for sword handling and integration into the form. The sword form will also be reviewed sequentially, making it accessible for new sword students.

Participation recommendations:

  • Previous experience with the CMC sword form
  • 5 years of push hands practice
  • Embodiment of IFC (and previous) principles
  • Embodiment of PH deflection and an understanding of returning energy
  • Comfortable rootedness and working with a  ‘low horse’ stance

This is what the class will teach to at its highest level. To get the most out of this class, ask yourself if you are truly embodying the highest level you have learned through the levels of your study of the curriculum, wherever you might be. 

Even if you have completed the courses listed in the recommendations, most of us have a ‘sticking point’, and in order to recognize and release this we need to establish true dantian action, not just awareness of the dantian. This requires a commitment to practice what you’ve learned.

Whether you are an advanced student or new to sword, the objective is to take away with you what is needed at your level. 

Students new to sword will need approval of the teachers. Please use this email address for this purpose: [email protected]

Existing sword students concerned about meeting the above criteria, this is still the class for you.  We will encourage each other to find these qualities in ourselves.

New York School of Tai Chi Chuan (NYSTCC) Taught by Greg Woodson and Jonathan Stow

Advanced Sword Instruction

  • School:
    New York School of Tai Chi Chuan
  • Class:
    Sunday Sword
  • Taught by
    Greg Woodson & Jonathan Stow
  • Cost:
    NYSTCC payment link
  • Date(s):
    Sundays, March 10th - May 12th, 2024
  • Time(s):
    2PM - 3PM ET, 10 classes, 1 class/week