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    Working with Threat & Emotion

    Thank you for beginning the blog discussion of this very core topic.

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    The three Rs

    I have read this discusion point about the three Rs a couple times now and am still digesting the enormaty of the subject. What a great exercise it is to experience something and first to be able to recognize that I’m off balance rather than to just react (while out of principle) and then to reset (regroup and recover are other ways I see this step). Just that step is worth practicing over and over for me. It’s one thing to do it in our classes where we have a spoken vow of support for everyone but, to do it in the outside world where there is no such promise is even more difficult and important.

    The reframing is for me a decidedly more long-term process. I imagine that when more and more reframing takes place the first R becomes easier thus shortening and speeding up the cycle.

    Does anyone else have thoughts and/or obsevations on this?  



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    reply to Bob

    Thanks Bob for your comment. We will soon publish another blog post that briefly covers the material we explored at the Irish summer training. It is fascinating subject to explore and I’ve found it to be powerful in my own experience of Tai Chi and life.

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