Fall Online Intensive 2020

Generating Qi Energy Through Movement and Meditation

September 12, October 3-4, October 24


Don’t forget you can learn/review the first four of The Eight Ways of Tai Chi ChuanTM on Teachable for FREE. The second four can be viewed in the ‘FOI Recordings of Previous Sessions’ lower on this page, as well as the Roots & Branches Qigong Earth Element tuning introduction and class.

To access classes on Teachable:

1.    Click on the link below to go to TCF on Teachable.

2.    Create your own login and password for the Teachable site.

3.    Read about TCF and the teachers, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘View All Courses’.

4.    Select a class, click on ‘Enroll Now’, then click ‘Add Coupon Code’ and enter FOI2020. Press ‘Apply’, and the cost will now show up as $0.00.

5.    Repeat step 4 for each class. All modules will now be available when you next visit the site.

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Roots & Branches Qigong Metal Element Schedule

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Live Zoom Sessions Links

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Before we start: Pre-Zoom Session Checklist 

Need help with Zoom?: Zoom Made Easy for Tai Chi


FOI Recordings of Previous Sessions

If you missed a session, click the down arrow to find the recording you want to watch:


Pre-recorded Presentations

The following video presentations are for your optional viewing in your own time.


Meditations – New!

Three half-hour meditations from our SOI.


Bob Talks Anatomy – New Talk added!

Three short presentations by Bob Etherington, on anatomy from a tai chi perspective.


Tea with Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists Edna Brandt and Clayton Spivey discuss the COVID medical crisis through the lens of Asian medicine.


Other Info

Music used in FOI for 5 Elements by Camiel van Zilfhout.

Paintings & Illustrations by Johanna Koelman.

More about the 5 Element Model by Gary Dolowich: www.jademountain.net/PDF/FiveElementsModel.pdf

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