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  • Tina Curran

    Thank you, Annette! What a beautiful essay, and thank you Sherry Kent and David Current for the wonderful photos. Leads me to look forward to our next Tai Chi Retreat, and to experiencing Whidbey.

    • Annette M. Peizer

      Thanks Tina! Glad you liked the blog and photos. It would be great to see you here at the next retreat here on Whidbey Island!

  • Gene Giffen

    Photo on 5-8-23 at 3.06 PM.jpeg

    Dear Annette,

    Good Gracious what a beautiful essay conveying the actual Spirit of the Whidbey Island Tai Chi Training.

    When I finished reading I was surprised to find myself alone in my peaceful empty garden instead of in your good company and that of your fellow apprentices in Arcadian Whidbey.

    It reminded me of Mi Fu making a formal bow to the Almighty Emptieness and with utmost respect addressing his Vision within it as as an utmost revered ancestor.

    Your writing enabled me to feel as he must have in that moment.,

    Thank you for your work, Gene Giffen

    • Annette M. Peizer

      Oh wow, Gene. This is really profound! Your response humbles me! While I’m at it, do you want to write a blog? (just kidding, but if so, email me =)

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